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  1. Everyday Chauvinisms. The Making of a Mentality in the Urban and Rural Life - REOPENED
    Convenor: Pietro Saitta (University of Messina).

  2. Education in a Digital Era. Epistemological and Methodological Challenges in the Ethnographic Field - REOPENED
    Convenors: Assunta Viteritti & Leonardo Piromalli (University of Rome “La Sapienza).

  3. The Engaging Side Of Pain - REOPENED
    Convenors: Federica Manfredi (University of Lisbon) & Dario Nardini (University of Milano-Bicocca).

  4. Across the Country and Around the World. Comparative Ethnographies and Qualitative Studies of Workers Organising.
    Convenors: Annalisa Murgia &  Paolo Borghi (University of Milan).


  5. Heritage, Conflicts, Tourism and the Role of Researchers. An Ethnographic Approach - REOPENED
    Convenors: Giovanna Rech (University of Trento) & Monica Gilli (University of Torino).

  6. Reflection on Research Experiences among “Unmarked” Groups. Ethnographies of Inverted Fieldworks
    Convenors: Yolinliztli Pérez Hernández (École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales; Institut National d’Études Démographiques) & Paulina Sabugal Paz (University of Pisa; University of Roma Tre).

  7. Ethnographies of Algorithms and (Big)Data
    Convenors: Biagio Aragona & Adam Arvidsson (University Federico II of Naples). Contact:

  8. Micro-Sociality of the Giftee. Doing Status in Interaction: Charisma and Privilege REOPENED
    Convenors: Chiara Bassetti & Emanuele Bottazzi (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche).

  9. The Researcher’s Role in Militant Ethnography. Sympathy and Strain with the Research Context - REOPENED
    Convenor: Stefano Boni (Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia).

  10. Public Health Interventions: Global Problems, Local Solutions - REOPENED
    Convenors: Sandra L. Trappen (Penn State University) & Zoe Meleo-Erwin (William Paterson University of New Jersey).

  11. Youth Collectivities: Making them Visible and Researchable
    Convenor: Valentina Cuzzocrea (Università di Cagliari).

  12. Ethnographies of energy production in times of transition
    Convenors: Noura AlKhalili (Lund University) & Gloria Pessina (Politecnico di Milano).

  13. Relatedness through Transnational Reproduction - REOPENED
    Convenors: Corinna Sabrina Guerzoni (Western Fertility Institute) & Giulia Zanini (European University Institute).

  14. Sensorial Worlds of Production and Consumption - REOPENED
    Convenors: Shawnee Harkness & Clelia Viecelli (University of Southampton).

  15. Materializing Ethnography. The Ethnographic Gaze on Material Culture, between Consumption, Media and Technology Studies
    Convenors: Lorenzo Domaneschi (University of Milan) & Oscar Ricci (University of Milan-Bicocca).

  16. Doing Ethnographic Research in the Field of Anti-Trafficking. Methodological and Conceptual Challenges
    Convenors: Giulia Garofalo Geymonat (Università Cà Foscari, Venice) & Michela Semprebon (Cattedra Unesco SSIIM, Università IUAV, Venice).

  17. Multiple Spiritualities through the Lens of Ethnography
    Convenors: Stefania Palmisano (University of Turin) & Emily Pierini (University of Wales Trinity Saint David; The American University of Rome).

  18. The Movement and Countermovement of Finance. Ethnographic Explorations and Conceptualizations.
    Convenors: Zaira Tiziana Lofranco (University of Bergamo) & Fabio Mattioli (University of Melbourne).

    Contacts:, SUBSTITUTED WITHEthnography of Finance. Research and Methods on a New Subject. Convenors: Davide Caselli (University of Milan Bicocca) & Valentina Moiso (University of Turin). Contacts:,

  19. Exploring the Everyday Life Dimensions of Responsibilities - REOPENED
    Convenors: Salvatore La Mendola (University of Padova) & Morena Tartari (University of Antwerp).

  20. Decolonizing Ethnographies of Migration from the Southern Mediterranean Convenors: Ilaria Giglioli (New College of Florida) & Wael Garnaoui (Université Paris Diderot); in collaboration with the Black Mediterranean Collective.

  21. Social Sciences from Dissonance to Ambiguity: Breaking the Deadlock
    Convenors: Lynda Dematteo (IIAC EHESS CNRS Paris) & Mariella Pandolfi (Université de Montréal).

  22. Gendering Ethnography. How Does Gender Affect the Fieldwork (and the Other Way Around)?
    Convenors: Cristina Oddone (University of Strasbourg) & Costanza Currò (University of Helsinki).

  23. International Mobility and African Cities REOPENED
    Convenors: Nick Dines (European University Institute) & Paola Piscitelli (University of Witwatersrand; University of Hamburg).

  24. Ethnographies of Supermarket and Logistics Revolutions - REOPENED
    Convenors: Andrea Bottalico (University of Milano) & Martina Lo Cascio (University of Bergamo).

  25. Exploring Death in the Twenty-First Century: Field Research Results - REOPENED
    Convenors: Asher Colombo (University of Bologna) & Francesca Pasquali (University of Bergamo).

  26. Open Session – NEW Convenors: members of the Scientific Committee selected accordingly to paper topics.
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