Ethnography and Qualitative Research Conference

Convegno di etnografia e ricerca qualitativa

5th Edition

Bergamo, June 5-7, 2014


The conference is organized by the University of Bergamo, the journal Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa and the publisher il Mulino.

The conference is an opportunity for meeting, discussion and debate for several generations of researchers in the social sciences using an ethnographic approach to the study of social phenomena. Researchers from across the disciplines of sociology, anthropology, political sciences, arts & humanities, education, social work, geography, cultural studies, gender studies are invited to present their research aims, results and findings. All other disciplines where ethnography enhances public understanding of the way groups and individuals interact and live are welcome as well.

We share a broad view of ethnographic research, intended to study and research the processes, implications, and meanings of social life and culture in groups, organizations, institutions across diverse social spaces and settings. Papers and presentations can be based on a variety of qualitative methods, including but not limited to field observation, in-depth interviews, focus group, autoethnography, visual ethnography, and other forms of qualitative research and allied techniques.

The format of the 5th edition is organized in sessions of 3 hours each, with a maximum of 5 paper presentations per session. The aim is to leave as much room as possible for open discussion. The workshop sessions are listed here. You can download the CFP here. We encourage authors to submit empirical contributions that are theoretically informed and methodologically sounded.

The 2014 Ethnography Conference aims to renew the rich intellectual discourse which was at the base of the previous editions of the Bergamo meeting. Its mission is to

  • foster scholarly exchange and facilitate collaborative research between senior and junior scholars based at different universities and research centers in Italy and abroad
  • support the dissemination of up-to-date research findings
  • encourage PhD students at different stage of their research career to share and present their preliminary findings and their fieldwork experience
  • welcome graduate and under-graduate students as audience to the conference and active participants in the discussion

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Organizing Committee

Chiara Bassetti, University of Trento / CNR  chiara.bassetti@unitn.it

Andrea Mubi Brighenti, University of Trento  andrea.brighenti@unitn.it

Alessandro Dal Lago, University of Genova    54450@unige.it

Giolo Fele, Univeristy of Trento    giolo.fele@unitn.it

Pier Paolo Giglioli, University of Bologna     pierpaolo.giglioli@unibo.it

Marco Marzano, University of Bergamo    marco.marzano@unibg.it

Gianmarco Navarini, University of Milano Bicocca    gianmarco.navarini@unimib.it

Domenico Perrotta, University of Bergamo  domenico.perrotta@unibg.it

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Previous Editions

I meeting
Workshop – L’Etnografia sociale: metodi ed esperienze
9-10-11 febbraio 2006

II meeting
Workshop – Etnografia e ricerca qualitativa: esperienze dal campo
6-7 settembre 2007

III meeting
Workshop – Etnografia e ricerca sociale
25-27 giugno 2009

IV meeting
Convegno di etnografia 2012
7-9 giugno 2012


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