1. Submerged conflicts. Ethnography of the invisible resistances in the quotidian – Convenor: Pietro Saitta (pisait@gmail.com)

2. Ethnography of predatory and mafia practices – Convenors: Lucio Castracani & Marco De Biase (luciocastracani@yahoo.it; mdebiase@ulb.ac.be)

3. Young people practicing everyday multiculturalism. An ethnographic look – Convenor: Enzo Colombo (enzo.colombo@unimi.it)

4. Innovating universities. Everything needs to change, so everything can stay the same? – Convenors: Daniela Falcinelli & Annalisa Murgia (daniela.falcinelli@unimi.it; annalisa.murgia@unitn.it)

5. NGOs, grass-root activism and social movements. Understanding novel entanglements of public engagements – Convenors: Alex Koensler & Filippo Zerilli (alexanderiht@yahoo.de; zerilli@unica.it)

6. Immanence of seduction. For a microinteractionist perspective on charisma Convenors: Chiara Bassetti & Emanuele Bottazzi (chiara.bassetti@unitn.it / @loa.istc.cnr.it; emanuele.bottazzi@loa.istc.cnr.it)

7. Lived religion. An ethnographical insight – Convenors: Alberta Giorgi, Stefania Palmisano & Giovanna Rech (albertagiorgi@ces.uc.pt; giovanna.rech@unitn.it; stefania.palmisano@unito.it)

8. Critical ethnographies of schooling – Convenors: Fulvia Antonelli & Marco Romito (fulvia.antonelli@yahoo.it; romito.marco@gmail.com)

9. Subjectivity, surveillance and control. Ethnographic research on forced migration towards Europe – Convenors: Elena Fontanari & Barbara Pinelli (elena.fontanari@unimi.it; barbara.pinelli@unimib.it)

10. Ethnographic and artistic practices and the question of the images in contemporary Middle East – Convenors: Donatella Della Ratta & Paola Gandolfi (donatelladellaratta@gmail.com; paola.gandolfi@unibg.it)

11. Diffracting ethnography in the anthropocene – Convenor: Elena Bougleux (elena.bougleux@unibg.it)

12. Ethnography of labour chains – Convenors: Domenico Perrotta & Devi Sacchetto (domenico.perrotta@unibg.it; devi.sacchetto@unipd.it)

13. The Chicago School and the study of conflicts in contemporary societies – Convenors: Marco Pitzalis & Izabela Wagner (pitzalis@unica.it; izabela.wagner@gmail.com)

14. States of imagination/Imagined states. Performing the political within and beyond the state – Convenors: Federica Infantino & Timothy Raeymaekers (Federica.Infantino@ulb.ac.be; timothy.raeymaekers@geo.uzh.ch)

15. Ethnographies of waste politics – Convenor: Nick Dines (n.dines@mdx.ac.uk)

16. Experiencing urban boundaries – Convenors: Cristina Mattiucci & Federico Rahola (cristina.mattiucci@unitn.it; federico.rahola@unige.it)

17. Ethnographic fieldwork as a “location of politics” – Convenors: Marc Abélès, Lynda Dematteo & Mariella Pandolfi (marc.abeles@ehess.fr; dematteo@ehess.fr; pandolfi.mariella@gmail.com)

18. Rethinking ‘Europe’ through an ethnography of its borderlands, peripheries and margins – Convenors: Ilaria Giglioli, Camilla Hawthorne & Alessandro Tiberio (giglioli@berkeley.edu, camilla.hawthorne@berkeley.edu, a.tiberio@berkeley.edu)

19. Detention and qualitative research – Convenors: Alvise Sbraccia & Francesca Vianelllo (alvise.sbraccia@unibo.it; francesca.vianello@unipd.it)

20. Ethnographies of social sciences as a vocation – Convenors: Sebastiano Citroni & Gianmarco Navarini (sebastiano.citroni@unimib.it; gianmarco.navarini@unimib.it)

21. Adjunct Session Gender and culture in productive and reproductive life – Chair: Giolo Fele (giolo.fele@unitn.it)

Full Abstract Book

Keynote Speakers

Pun NgaiThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“Ethnographic Intervention. Global Production and Workers’ Power”

Plenary Session on Thursday 9th, 2PM

ngai_ucsb     PunNgai

Didier FassinInstitute for Advanced Study, Princeton

“When Ethnography Goes Public”

Plenary Session on Friday 10th, 2PM

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