Pre-conference Workshop


Chiara Bassetti, Andrea Mubi Brighenti, Sebastiano Citroni, Alessandra Gribaldo, Gianmarco Navarini


Max. 15 selected Ph.D. Students or junior Post-Doctoral Researchers.

Registered conference participants may take part to the workshop for free.

Dates & place

June 6th, from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM and June 7th, from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM

University of Bergamo, Pignolo Building, Room: TBA

 Aims & Objectives

The workshop will constitute an opportunity for Ph.D. Students and junior Post-Doctoral Researchers engaged in ethnographic and qualitative research to share their research experience with colleagues and senior researchers in an informal, stimulating environment. More specifically, the workshop will focus on several challenges of conducting ethnography and qualitative research in the current academic and societal context, including:

– How to connect ethnographic data to substantive social theory, and how to advance social theory through ethnography;

– How to carry out ethnographic research across various disciplines in the social sciences, and beyond;

– How can the ethnographic insight help in becoming more reflective and keep the passion alive while making one’s way into the academic world and an array of research institutions;

– What is the current situation and prospect for early and mid-stage ethnographic researches in terms of career opportunities and career advancement, in the current academic labor market.

Selection procedure

If you are interested in participating to the pre-conference workshop, please send one-page statement describing your situation and critical reflection concerning one or more challenge (among those mentioned above and others as well). Alternatively, you may send one-page statement summarizing the main theoretical dimension you have been able to explore thanks to your ethnographic/qualitative research and doctoral dissertation.

Plese send your statement by April 30, 2018 to with “Pre-conference workshop application” as e-mail subject.

Based on the proposals, two groups may be formed – one specifically concerned with theoretical development, and one more focused on conducting ethnography and developing a career as ethnographers in the current academy.

The groups will finally come together to share their insights on theory development and career advancement in ethnography and qualitative research.

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