Time, Space and Labour

Convenor: Devi Sacchetto (Università di Padova)

Economic globalization highlights a paradigm shift in the forms of work and daily life, in particular with regard to space and time. The space-time compression feature of the global era does not destroy either space or time. This compression reshapes the processes of production and reproduction. We suggest that to analyse global production, scholars should take the aspects of reproduction into account, as the need to compress space and time involves both spheres. Production is a multidimensional social process because it involves not only material goods, but also the reproduction of labour force and social relationships in both spheres. In this respect, the questions of power and subjectivity are key because labour is not a passive elements and it has a social life. The individual and collective experience of time and space are obviously a complex process influenced by a combination of gender, class and race.

This session invites papers that focus on the ethnography of labour process analysis, and particularly on the question of time and space in the organization of the spheres of production and reproduction. Such papers may include, but are not limited to, considerations of:

-          intensification of work, technology, control

-          casualized labour

-          migrant workers

-          labour and global value chain (relocalization, etc)

-          gender relationship between production and reproduction processes

-          economic crisis and labour

-          conflicts in the sphere of production and reproduction

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